Steve 021 901 737 (Quarry Manager) : Simon 027 427 6239 (Sales)

The region’s top aggregate products

New screening plant

ZMR Aggregates

ZMR Aggregates is now owned by Simon Mulligan and Shayne Bunn from Taranaki.

Sales Enquiries:  Simon Mulligan 0274 276 239

Quarry Manager:  Steve Garwood 021 901 737

Steve is an A-Grade Quarry Certificate Holder and has over 25 years in the industry with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our focus: improving the range and quality of product available to our customers

As part of the company’s growth strategy, streamline the production of sand and stone.  We now produce some of the region’s top aggregate products. Understanding the importance of being able to provide an outstanding product, together with great customer service, is key to ZMR Aggregates’ core business values.

Our Product List

R-RUN River run
CA10 Concrete Aggregate 5-10 mm (P Metal)
CA13 Natural Concrete Aggregate Rounds 14- 5 mm
CA19 Natural Concrete Aggregates Rounds 14-20 mm
CHEB 14 50/50 Rounds/Crushed
CHEB 19 50/50 Rounds/Crushed
20/40 20 -40mm Decorative Rounds
20/40 Crushed 20-40mm Crushed
40/100 40-100mm Decorative Rounds

20mm Drainage Chip
Gabion Stone
Builders Mix

Grade 6

AP20 20mm Crushed
AP40 40mm Crushed
AP65 65mm Crushed
SAND Concrete Aggregate Sand
20ml Drainage 20mm Drainage Metal
GABION Oversize or Gabion Stone
AP20 (Ohau Blue) 20mm Blue Topcourse
Vickers Boulders Boulders for Civil Works